Freshly brewed, please

Uncensored Obsessions has been a window to my life since the middle of my Form 5 days in Assunta. Reading back, I didn't even know I had a blog prior to it, so emotionally speaking, it was my first web log. I cringe slightly every once in a while at my writing style, but I'm keeping the archives intact for now, because some of the posts remind me of how I used to be, and how far I've come.

I stopped posting there about a year ago, mainly because I became employed with a part-time job that took up a lot of my free time, and frankly speaking, I was running out of steam and spirit to blog mundane details and emo thoughts of life.

So why pick it up again? And why at a new blog? Lord knows. Thoughts. Friends. Ego. Hee hee. Brewing Now will pick up where U.O. left off, with a 10 month gap in between. So many things have changed and evolved, I felt it deserved a new beginning.

No self-respecting 20 year old will use a notebook that 7 year olds use.

Bad analogy.

Here's a toast wishing a longer lifespan to Brewing Now. Welcome!