Fight or Flight


How many of us call our respective SOs by that name?

How many of us feel warm and fuzzy when you're on the receiving end of such affection?

How many of us feel offended enough to have a hint of sneer at the corner of your mouth when random strangers on Facebook Poker call you that?

But better still, what do I do?

People tell you not to respond to bullies because all they want is attention, and by giving it to them, you're feeding their habit.

But you can't just let it go! Not like that anyway. RandomFacebookPokerStranger has no redeeming qualities anyway; he looks fat, he looks old and he's overly friendly.

-Who you calling baby little boy
-little boy
-i'm not little boy in any situation

*psh please, i've heard this before. I'm surrounded by egoistical college boys obsessed with sizes*

-oh right sorry
-little girl it is then

*log off*

I say push that bully back into the ground and tattletale to the teacher.