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... and that's why many posts from now on will not have photos, because uploading photos will eat my PAY-BY-KB internet T_T. I'll have to leech off Hungry Jack's internet or the uni's paid-for-wireless which is pretty cheap.




Dunno what to type.

OKAY come let me tell you about my house/townhouse/apartment! (Dedicated to Linda)

First of all, there's the confusion over the term for unit. On the website, it's called Magill Campus Apartments, but that's not the mailing address. The mailing address is the (unit number/building number, St. add), so it's sort of like a small collection of apartments. But then there is a sign outside that says townhouses for rent. But no matter, the important thing is I have a pretty spacious UNIT and a proper address so you all may send me lovely letters or packages :D

My neighbours are Kien and his flock of 3 girls living in one of the 3 bedroom, Double storey units; Thomas in a 2 bedroom, double storey similar to mine, and Audrey who just moved into the top floor 2 bedroom, single storey unit. Note that half of the occupants in our block are Malaysians and from Taylors, hahahaha. We're slowly but surely, taking over the place. Oh, and we make the most noise too. Especially during monopoly nights.

"I'll trade you my green for your red."

"I'll give you my Northumberland AND 500 bucks!"


"50 % discount on rent!!!"

"#%)!!#*$&#@!(!!!!! you!! NO! Don't sell to him!!"

"(#)%@# you!! COUNT PROPERLY LA! 12 ONLY!"

Ahem, anyway, I have the master bedroom, which is only slightly smaller than my old room in KL by about 1m square ft. In it, I have a single bed, a bedside table, a long desk & pinboard, and a cupboard. It was pretty dusty, but I suppose it's normal considering the previous tenants were not very clean; the living room floor was sticky and I backed away hastily when I opened the kitchen cabinets; it was all grimy and cobwebs at each corner :S

I shall attempt to describe each item in my room since there are no photos!

Desk Top (hahahha not the computer ahhahaha, the top level of my desk hahahha wtf):
1. Box from Ikea (set of 6: called Komplement or summat like that) with Junk, box of veet sticking out and a Lift plastic bottle, and a brochure for the Garden of Unearthly Delights, which is this funfair/carnival that I went for, quite chun!
2. Clock
3.Starbucks Tree Ornament in the shape of a Sbux To Go cup :)
4. Ikea box with make up
5. Ikea box with miscellaneous things
6. The stuffed NZ lamb from Tun
7. Ikea mini wire basket filled with rocks (from Glenelg and Henley Beach la, I don't love junk THAT much) and push pins
8. File Organizers from Ikea with er...files. and Course Outlines
9. Ikea book ends.
10. Camera Bag
11. The Advertiser blow up hands

Pin Board:
1. New Zealand tag with KYLIE on it. Souvenir from Tun when he went to NZ :D
2. Post its
3. Lots of push pins
4. An info card for Arabian Mocha Sanani, hahahha I dunno how it got it, but PUT YO HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVE EM LIKE YOU JUS DONT CAAAREEE SBUX LOVERS!
5. A card for free viewing of Confessions of a Shopaholic. I love Isla Fisher's gingham BF shirt and tights outfight. I hate the pink dress, pink furred boots and pink gloves outfit. I love Isla Fisher's hair.
6. A map of Adelaide City that is obscured by my Ikea file organizers
7. Very outdated list of THINGS TO DO. It's asking me to enrol -___-"
8. Hair bands from Diva. I hand them on a push pin :D
9. Voucher for recharge for phone.

Desk bottom:
1. Ikea box with toiletries
2. Daiso foldable box with FOOD, lots of cookies, vitamins, organic tea bags, biscuits, and muesli bars.
3. Daiso foldable box with envelopes and contacts and Sbux Bearista
4. Daiso foldable box (YES I LOVE DAISO) with post its, external hard drive and some cables
5. Starbucks Mug and coaster
6. Ikea wire basket with pens stolen from UniLife
7. Container from The Reject Shop filled with White Chocolate and Macadamia nuts cookies from Foodlands
8. Ikea rattan basket with spectacles, comb, and foldable Chinese fan. ( I have a set of these rattan baskets, but I only use like 3 because I got carried away at Ikea, so I gave the remaining 2 to Audrey)

Sliding table:
1. Starbucks Diary
2. Organizer
3. UniLife diary ( Yeah, I have tons of these things, but free okay wtf)
4. Pouch which the sis got for me from her company trip to Thailand. I use it as a stationary case since I forgot to bring mine
5. Big colorful notebook with internal folders! I friggin love this notebook. I luufff it I lufff it.

and blu-tacked to my wall is a planner of sorts from the Australian Defence Force (hahahhaha) and I stuck in my class schedule in its side like an envelope. So resourceful :p

Oh, and fyi, I only have classes 3 days a week, and I effectively have a 4 day weekend :Dnyaaaaahhahhahaha

okay. Lights out.


Jacqkie! said...

All hail Ikea! :)