The Fail 21st Surprise :D

Swanky dinner on Thursday night "just because". I didn't think much of it for the week what with having been preoccupied with assignments and what not. So it wasn't until after 4p.m. Thursday when I walked out from H building, IIR tutorial that the clues came barging in nyehehehe.


1. Students are too cheap to suddenly dress up and go to a relatively swanky place to eat for no reason at all. Well, we are, anyway :p
2. Jay had to "go to the city first to do something and will meet us there". Could always have waited for us in the city, why so rush to go to the restaurant alone? hahaha cake laaaa
3. EVERYBODY was there
4. I gave my camera to Audrey to be camerawoman for the night and Sherry turned to me and said something along the lines of "yeah because you're the main star tonight". I don't think she realized she said it tho hahaha

but the major one that gave it away was when I came out of the unit to walk to the bus stop and Thomas gave me his camera to put in my bag.

5. Thomas brought his camera.

hahahaha special event duuuhhhhh

But it was a nice surprise nonetheless :) Especially when I saw the cake. hahahah omgwtf hahaha

There was a My Little Pony (Pastel pink with bubblegum pink hair) perched in the middle of the cake. It was wearing a crown as well :D

So thanks for the cake, gloves and BubblePuff :) oh and the sirloin and seafood platter too.

Mmmmm.. salt and pepper squid...


ItoMaki said...



I hope you still had fun! XD What am I talking about, of course you had fun! Even though we were all freezing our arses off.

Jacqkie! said...

holy cow, when was your birthday?! I blame Facebook's layout! anyway, happy birthday glad you had a good one. They're so sweeeet!

Lydia said...


Yuenny said...

hahahahhaha so funny ppl keep wishing me happy belated birthday T_T

ki0t said...


ki0t said...

YYYYYYYYYYYY i appear as ki0t????? omg yuen how to change?!