Home Cooked Foods

Summary of my cooking that requires more than marinating and chucking it in an oven.

First up: Wantons!

Mish mash of the vegetable stuff.

Chop chop chop of chicken mince and bits of prawns

Mix everything together with seasonings and sesame oil, while waiting for the wanton skins to defrost

Start wrapping the wantons! It took a few tries before I got them right, too big and they split/won't cook evenly. too small and.. well.. too small for me!

Deep fry them and eat. I prefer to cook them in a chicken broth now though, deep frying uses too much oil.

I make herbal chicken soup too! After googling around, I decided to hunt for a claypot because using metal pots apparently compromise the herbal taste.

My old school claypot! The spout on the left is for pouring out the soup.

dried yam things. Rhizo-something-or-other

Dried red dates

Wolfberries. or Kuo Chi

My mom said to put the 'long white flake thing' -_- So I randomly took this off the shelf

Boil boil boil with the chicken

My aunt saw this picture and laughed. I forgot to take the skin off the chicken, resulting in all the fats leeching off into the soup -_-" trial and error!

And of course, when I wake up past noon and I just want to eat something quick....

Mama Shrimp Tom Yum

Awesome awesome stuff. Can always trust products of Thailand when it comes to Tom Yum. Especially love the noodle texture :D

I just tried this yesterday too:
Not much difference, except it's a bigger pack of noodles and creamier taste. MMMMMMM.