Ole Olay 2

WHEE! All those hours of obsessively playing the Olay Find Fairness games finally paid off! Not only did I win a weekly + monthly prize from Olay, but Nuffnang had their own competition with prizes from Olay too! So altogether, I have loads of fairness products waiting for collection :)

I got some Olay fairness cream, and a set of the Olay fairness products as the weekly and monthly prize winner. A wee bit disappointing considering I was aiming for the iPhone, but oh well! Nuffnang also awarded me half a year’s supply of Olay’s fairness products and RM200! Oh sweet moolah.

This all comes at good timing. Summer’s coming up here in Aussie, and the sun will be blazing hot. By the time I fly back to KL in Dec I’ll probably be 10x tanner than I am now. All those fairness products will come in handy then, heehee! Can’t wait to get my hands on the prizes, it’s been ages since I’ve tried new beauty products!

‘Tis a time for celebration people! The ending of the semester, hours of obsessive clicking at the Olay website finally paying off, and my first advertorial for Nuffnang ;)