New Year resolutions to think about:

Settle into my job - double whammy. I first have to get a job.

Be more patient

Run a marathon - part of my getting-healthier-and-more-active mindset!

Keep in touch with people that I love - with the Adelaide gang and my Assunta girls AND THE INDON scattered all over the world, it's always worth it to keep our chain mails and chat sessions going :)

Chin up chin up because I'm worth it!

150% in everything I do!

And as always : No Regrets.

Watch my language. On-the-road doesn't count.

Travel more!


Chandni Vatvani said...

FORGOT to keep in touch with ur taylor's girl in indo laaa! :(

Lynnylchan said...

Why don't you sign up for the Standard Chartered 10km first? Marathon is 42.195km you know! Not something to be undertaken lightly.

Yuenny said...

er i actually plan to go for like a 5km one first hahahahah