Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

People often call me mean. Fresh calls me mean when I hug Michelle instead of her. I'm called mean when I refuse to let other cars cut in my lane. I'm mean when I cock-stare little kids making an unnecessary amount of noise in the general public. Well, guess what! I'm not mean!! *injured look*

I'm just evil. Or at least I try to be sometimes.

But like many of my attempts to be ASSERTIVE and FIRM, it often backfires on me.

Case in point: Halloween 2009 @ Unit 11 & 13, Lorne Avenue, Magill.

Say Hi to Waffles

In case you couldn't tell from the horns and poke-y trident thing, I'm a devil. Devil with a really nice waist-accentuating (though you can't tell from this picture :( ) dress.

Say Hi to Audrey Chan Hep Burn

Those weird scribbles on my left hand are the 7 sins: Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath and I dunno la, 2 more that I don't remember. Gettit, Devil = sins ? Hardly anybody got it :( I think perhaps because halfway through the night, it got warmer and warmer (guests very generously brought beer instead of food) and I think the eyeliner eventually smeared off T_T So I went around most of the night with a dirty arm T______T

This is my WATCHU LOOKING AT face, or as some would say Yong Sui :(

Please excuse my tulan face in the photo, this was the only photo I could find on Facebook with the right side of my face in view. Instead, please take note of the markings around my eye. Okay, because I wanted to add a little something to my cliche costume of devil horns & trident thing, so I decided to go a bit tribal-devil and add some weird ass markings on my face. I grabbed a random photo that I thought would be easy to draw, and got Audrey Itomaki to draw it on for me.

The rest of the night, people ignored my DEVIL HORNS, POKE-Y TRIDENT, and instead asked me "eh, you Mike Tyson ah?" FML .

How la, you tell me, how la to be evil.

But even then, I'm picking up hints everywhere around me on how to be more assertive, and strict *strict face* It doesn't help that I realize more strongly how unfair and tedious and unkind the world can really be :(

I can now understand why there are so many people who resent big huge MNCs and call them soulless corporations with no heart. I recently switched to a brand spanking new BB (corporate sial) but it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I wanted to maintain loyalty to my long-time telco (cheh loyalty my ass, I was actually just damn lazy to read and understand new phone plans :( ) and after some Q&A sessions with telco people during their roadshow, I got my BB packaged with a Data plan. It was then that all things mobile & wonderful were revealed to me *_*

To be honest, I succumbed to the Black Army in the office, but I have few regrets about it. The BBM features are a win no matter what, no other phones have that feature, and iPhone's Whats App is a serious lag and fail because FatFingers don't do well on touchscreen. But the big difference was that I suddenly became totally in touch with the constant communication that is the Internet. For instance, I don't think I've emailed/chatted with Rubee but I've tweeted @rubeeshareen from UberTwitter more times than I can count. I can word mole with Fresh at night even if she's in a dodgy Cybercafe in KL and I'm in my bedroom in the suburbs. I've BBM-ed Kareen to buy that classy black trench/blazer while she was shopping in London.

And I have absolutely no hesitation in downloading lots of useless junk like 1 level games, weather applications, animated themes for my phone because tadahhhh! my data plan is unlimited!

This in contrast to my old clunk of a Dopod, kononnya a smartphone, but good god, it had pretty much the functions as an old school monophonic Nokia phone. I didn't get a data plan for that phone because it was all too expensive and I alread found the Windows Mobile system to be near impossible to understand, let alone troubleshoot connection problems. I finally gave up when I asked a technician to help me connect to the internet via the Dopod and he gave me a blank look. As it turned out later, there was an error with either the phone's software or hardware, but I never bothered to send it for repairs because data plans were just too expensive! They charge something like Rm 0.01/Rm 0.10 per kb okay, so one website would be like frigging Rm3 or something like that.

So finally I got myself a decent phone + data plan. I rushed down to the mall to take advantage of the CNY promotion because it was going to end that day itself, settled all the bills then realized I would have to switch accounts because my dad was the principal holder. It took me 2 hours just to line up to switch accounts, which took 5 minutes -_____-All in all, I was at the mall dealing with all this for 5 hours -_________________________-""""". But I had a new phone at the end of it, and a pretty good deal for my data plan.

Then the next day I find out evil soulless corporation is still running their CNY promotion. So I rushed like mad yesterday for nothing.

Then the next week DiGi comes out with their BB & data plan and after calculating, in 2 years, DiGi's promotion would have come out to half of what I paid. If ooonnnlyyyy I had held out for 1 more week!

Now THAT's evil T_T


fresh said...

damn long right your post.


Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

Yuen you should blog more! I love the way you write, so cutesy just like you hehehe HUG MEEEEEE..ok la ok la group hug *hesitant*

The Rambler said...

Yuenny !!!!!

Nice to see a post finally. Haha, don't worry ,you will always be an evil mean ass bitch to me. :D Miss you all heaps la.

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