Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011 - All new shizz

Mean colleagues have been having a go at my choice of outfit colors - WELL JUST TO SHOW YOU, I DON'T ALWAYS WEAR ONLY BLACK/WHITE

Suriya's engagement - PURPLE baju kurung



Okay that's all I could find. But black is so flattering on most body types wtf like mine. Black is back, and IT NEVER EVEN WENT OUT.

Arthur's Day is happening this year on the 23rd Sept, around 6pm onwards (give or take a little more for Malaysian timing haha), and they're shifting this year's venue to Speed City KL; a change from the usual Sunway Lagoon crowd.

Loadsa cool acts this year, Taio Cruz included, along with some local acts like Rosevelt & Naked Breed. Hmmm should we make signs again?

If I get any extra tix, Imma be dragging Ash along with me, but who knows how that'll turn out - passes this year are not available for sale, so fingers crossed :D Been hearing Taio Cruz every morning on the radio, so I can sing along teehee

FUN FACT: Did you know that the actual color of a Guinness Draught is not Black as commonly believed, but is really RUBY RED!!! JENGJENGJENG!