St Pats 2012

Every year I feel older and older T_T Doesn't help that recurring yearly events make me pause and think back, what did we do for this event/occasion last year?

Halloweens, New Years, Birthdays - bah. I'm AGING. Sorta helps that the events get more fun each year though :D

While reminiscing, I found some super old photos from my BB:

Tanned Blonde

Karen in 2010

Compared to

Karen in 2011

Hehehehe. Events are always more enjoyable with VIP access - but the actual Changkat streets where the rest of St Pats was is where the real fun's at.

I *tried* to wear green
C-c-c-combo breaker!

Balloons! Oh haiz Binny

This year's St. Pats is back in Changkat, but all over the rest of Msia too - was just BBM-ing Jacqkie about the St. Pats celebrations on her side of Msia. I think it's right up her alley, they're collecting pledges for the Friendliest Day of the year. Who else is friendlier than Jacqkie who will strike up random conversation with random strangers ahhahaha.

St. Pats Calendar



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enjoy your celebration there !!!

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