Should and Should Nots!


1. Sunblock. Lots of it.

2. Caps. Okay, admittedly, I'd rather buy a straw hat here, it's prettier :)

3. My lotions and creams. The only brand I'm comfortably familiar with here is The Body Shop. I left tons of my skin stuff at home! *wail* No matter, it's an excuse to go splurge on moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliants, toners, body scrubs, etc.......

4. Photos. :( Dammit! Have to print them out now..

5. Folders. Taken for granted! I had tons back home, and now it's hard to find a cheap one like the one back home. Adelaide sells the type with really thin transparent pages for like 3 bucks T_T

6. Stationary. Totally packed them up and totally forgot to put them in my suitcase. ARGH!

7. Notebooks. See #6. I only have my 2 organizers with me. On the upside, it gave me an excuse to buy a lecture pad with really cute cover and internal pockets for handouts :D

8. The unicorn.

9. Thick blanket. Screw you, summer! You're STILL freezing at night!

10. A bolster. They don't sell bolsters here! No such thing! only this huge motha BODY PILLOW wtf. The thing's bigger than me!

11. The thing I regret most. Not buying my Nokia before I left. Kononnya want to save 100 ringgit buying it here because the RRp on is cheaper, but OMG Aussies have no sense of manic in-style trend like KL-ites have. They don't bother trading phones every 2 years to keep up with technology, HECK THEY DON'T SELL PHONES HERE. I mean they do, just not by the brand. The service providers only have a few select phones from each brand, and even then to buy one which is probably a pretty old model, would cost way a lot, PLUS it's tied to the service provider. SIGH.


1. One too many going out dresses. They weren't kidding, they really are casual here. For nightlife anyway. So much so that I stared ogling at 2 girls clearly dressed for a night out to paint the town red. In comparison to many of the Adelaide-ians, they looked a bit hooker-ish. The more dressy dresses are the type girls buy from blogshops to go jalan jalan at the mall :D

2. Irma. Blue fleece throw which I use as a blanket back home (along with another blanket, yes I use 2 blankets BECAUSE I LIKE THE FEELING OF FLEECE OKAY CANNOT AH) is super pathetic in chilly windy nights. Plus the fleecy feeling is gone :(

3. My herbal soups. BECAUSE THEY WERE CONFISCATED! by Customs T_T I could have used the space to bring more shoes.. and more clothes..