Communication Breakdown!

It came as a complete surprise and a devastating blow to all our whimsical plans, but that's life for you.

There was never a question of me going overseas to study, given that the parents was pushing for me to go get some 'exposure'. Even then, everytime people asked me why I opted to finish my final year overseas for the same degree at a heftier price tag, I would feebly reason that I would be able to have a wider range of subjects to choose from.

Once I received my study plan from UniSA, I saw a whole list of areas that I could choose; from Psychology, to Puppetry, to Web Design, etc.

It was not to be!

After arrival, and many confused discussions, our program director laid it out for us.

Being given credits for exemption from our diploma meant subjects were ticked off a list of prerequisites for the degree. Degree = Professional major, sub-major, minor. Our professional major, CMM, was already chosen for us, because we'd already done some subjects in the CMM area. That's fine, it was advertised that Taylor's was giving the CMM degree anyway.

Sub-major, however, was journalism. I know, I was like wtf... I've only ever done Reporting for Print. However, all 6 of our sub-majors were already exempted, subjects that I've never even heard of, so no going back there.

The big shticker was the minor. We'd only been given 1 exemption for the minor, which was, wait for it.... PUBLIC RELATIONS wtfwtf. Sudah la got a diploma in it.. But because we'd already had an exemption, we were being pushed to take that as our minor.

Our study plan gave us 2 core subjects, 3 minors and an elective! tadaaaaa... elective being subjects that you can take for fun because heck, you're paying for it! You can take web design, puppetry, languages, literature, etc.

So the option is this : Take the given study plan, have one fun subject that you can choose, and take PR as your minor


Turn that PR exemption into your elective, have no fun subjects, start all your minors again (meaning 4 subjects in the same area) and do Winter school T_T

So anyway, now you're looking at an aspiring Undergraduate of the B.A. Comm and Media management, with a minor in International Studies.

Taylors oh Taylors, why didn't you warn me. I'd have come here sooner :(