The Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival was extremely crowded, and full of hype, like Bukit Bintang on New Years Eve. Unlike KL however, it was civilised, nobody jostled and pushed each other, there were no stinky body smells, and nobody tried to grope anybody :D

This is the angle you get when you're a shortfart in a land of caucasians :(

The Aborigines started off the parade

Belly Dancers


Yeah, you liiiike :p

Parts of it were weird.

The shorter ones are Punch and Judy.

The bubble man!

There were a lot of acts in the roughly 30-40 minutes parade; an alice in wonderland theme, a group of roller skaters, a lot of odd colorful mobiles, a couple of music blasting trucks, etc.

Soon after that, we ventured off looking for some Cold Rock ice cream (yummy!!). Very cool gimmick of you selecting your flavors and mix-ins and they'll mash it up on a slab of cold marble :D

All said and done though, I wouldn't venture out on a night when a festival is being launched ever again, not here anyway. I don't feel safe enough, not with bottles being tossed off car parks 7/8 storeys above, witnessing fights, screams and cursings by young 'uns my age or probably younger while waiting for the bus or seeing mounted police scaring them off. HEEHEEEHEEE.

Goodnight ya'll.


ItoMaki said...

You went to Cold Rock after the parade?! >8D I did that too! I thought we would've bumped into each other! (well I bumped into Thomas la, he looked lost and confused).

Me, Phil, Vincent and Jen hung around Cold Rock for a while. it was damn cold, and we were playing with the dogs nearby (there was a booth that collected donations for dogs who help people with disabilities).

Yuenny said...

YEAH i don't get the dogs bit.. i saw them too.. they made me sad :( i thought people were stroking dead dogs.. then i thought they were stuffed dogs.. wtfwtfwtf