Melbourne in Autumn

Long overdue photopost of Melbourne. Thanks to Joyce for putting me up and driving me around exploring. Fran too! Miss you guys :) I'll be coming back! TIAN FUUUUU!


Giant Chess Board. People really do play with it. Game in progress above.

Plenty of Horse-drawn Carriages in the city area.

Late night train ride

Fringe needs a trim. On the way to St. Kilda's.

Things are so much easier when you travel in a personal set of wheels.

Windy blustery day at the beachside cafe. Honeycomb cafe or summat like that.

Birthday Champagne :)

There's a river right beside all those high-rise buildings. Just like the Klang River. hahahaha.

St. Kilda's beach. Or at least the dodgy end.

Eating weird ice-cream. Forgot the shop's name. It had Barack Obama flavored ice cream tho.

Thanks Calvin & Melissa!

Melbourne City.

Buskers everywhere. This one was pretty cool - he plays oldies on request on an old school organ.

Joyce :)

Fran and Joyce at steamboat buffet

Rachel & Fran

Melbourne punya Chinatown. I think RADelaide's is bigger tho.

Melbourne City again. Banyak Asians everywhere.

Melbourne Central

Tian Fu's Szechuan Chilli Fish!!! Rated Triple Chilli and 3 thumbs up!

This place sells the cutest cupcakes.

Fran. I will never understand Melbourne public transportation.

The Eye of Melbourne. It doesn't work. The heatwave killed it.

Gabby and Joyce :)

Matt, Joyce & Fran making cupcakes.

Gabby being manja.

Walking to the city

Melbourne's State Library opposite Melbourne Central

erm. Big Clock at St. Kilda's Beach Flea Market.

Artwork at the flea market. My fav is the set of 3 with the eyes.

We stumbled upon a funfair

Desserts at St. Kilda Road

Phillip *wave*

Me. T'was a cold windy sunset.

Audrey *wave*

Phillip eating his sinful sinful custard.

Some railway station near Melbourne's Klang River

I still don't see the big deal about KK. So ex!