List of Places to eat at & People to eat with.

1. Bak Kut Teh - Piggy Innards. In that shop by the roadside along Old Klang Road. With PY and Ash. We've always wanted to go eat at that place, but tak jadi for dinners :p

2. Sushi Zanmai - Mmm salmon sashimi and cold udon.. Gardens. With V

3. Lala Chong - CRAB. With the family. If not, a whole gang of whoevers.

4. LCS Mamak - Maggi Goreng! and the Indomee! With the college peeps. I wonder if the lady that sells the Indomee still remembers my usual order - Indomee satu, tak nak bawang goreng. HEE

5. A1 Taman Desa- Fish Head Noodles. Very popular branch of the Cheras Fish Head Noodles. Pretty costly at RM6.50 a bowl, RM8.00 for a big bowl, but totally worth the money. Yvonne, PY and Ash, we're gonna attack it! :D

6. Dim Sum - at this specific shop near PY's apartments. Totally forgot the name, but pretty popular, and they have huge siu mai's and har gao's! Bigger than a 50cent coin, and they have a whole prawn in the har gao *slurp* As usual, with my breakfast/brunch kakis; PY & Ash

7. Old Klang Road- Char Kuey Teow. The best CKT I ever had used to be in that Kuchai Entreprenurial Park, but it's gone already :( PY introduced me to the one along Old Klang Road which is cheap, and they put lots of see hum which I love, but taste doesn't compare. *sigh* Breakfast gang - awaaayyy!

8. Petaling Street - Sweet Potato Balls. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I went hunting for them with V before I left, but frightful weather and storms prevented me from exploring Chinatown :( I used to have them whenever I went to Chinatown; the deep fried sweet potato balls. Ahhh childhood nostalgia..

9. OUG - Pan mee. Staple weekend tapau when we're too busy to cook lunch. Heehee. I love it with the chilli, super spicy and mouth-watering. I think I'll bring the breakfast gang with me on this one, I don't think they've tried it before.

10. OUG - Curry mee. The best ever curry mee is in OUG, this green shop opposite BP with air conditioned rooms. I tapau-ed a lot when I had to handle my own lunch HEHEHEHE. Curry mai fun, ka see hum :)

11. Taman Desa - Jimmy's Cafe. Officially Cafe Libre, but affectionately called Jimmy's Cafe because co-manager Jimmy, who was my barista buddy back in MV, is the sole reason why we went to the cafe for the first time anyway. Popular for the Nasi Minyak and Lamb Curry. THE SHIZZ! Probably gonna meet the Starbucks Buddies there :)

12. Klang - Coconut Flower. Or whatever it's called! We went there for Lydia's 20th Birthday, and she said she'd take me to Klang again to eat seafood. YAAAAAYYYY

13. OUG - Pork Noodles! Actually I don't really care where I eat the pork noodles. As long as it's the soup version. :D

14. Tenji - BUFFET! I love love love Tenji. I love love love buffet. Cheaper than Jogoya, and it has the freeflow Haagen Daaz and Mochi and Coconuts :) MMMMMM!

15. OUG - Nasi Lemak. I usually get tapau from the Malay couple who run the Nasi Lemak stall in the morning market in OUG. It ends up being my Sunday brunch because they're quite generous with the sotong sambal/chicken curry, whichever one my mom decides to get me. However, when I'm eating Nasi Lemak anywhere else, I like to add the see hum sambal hehehehe. I would love love love to go back to SS15 where Queen Khoo introduced me to the Nasi Lemak stall outside that mamak bistro. MMMMM!

16. Brem Park - Prawn Mee. Ha mien with bihun! PY took me to the place near her apartments, which is this tiny roadside stall next to a playground and some shops. It was terrible looking for parking because it was a neighbourhood with sempit roads, but it was damn nice. So much better than the tapau-s I get :(

AGGHH!! Countdown begins!


Lydia said...

YUEN!!! I found a new place to eat seafood, it's called Bagan Hailam @ Port Klang. it's not NEW new, it's been around for years already and it's by the river mouth *or smth like that* but basically it has a water view la.

omg food is goooooddddd. salted egg crab, sweet & sour crab, butter prawns, steamed egg prawns, lalas in different styles of cooking, OMG the man tau is damn on! and what else omg hainan noodles, assam fish, bla bla bla.

just went that day =) again.


Yuenny said...

mmmm lydia you make me drool mmm

Andrea said...

Wah Yuen you can start food reviews! :O Reading your post makes me so hungry despite my ulcers! HEheheeheheheHEHEHEH see you sooooooon!