OMG Tak Tahan - Bagan Hailam


OMG I just remembered one more thing to add.

Petaling Jaya - Yong Tau Foo. There's this place that serves awesome Yong Tau Foo and Fish Head Curry :D:D:D mmmmmmmm. It's near that food court near McDs in State! mmmm Fish Head Curryyyyyyy!


Lydia commented on my previous post, saying she would take me to another seafood restaurant, Bagan Hailam. Curious (and lacking things to do), I went to look at some reviews, see if they had any specialties I should keep an eye out for.

However, what I realised was that Bagan Hailam is an area, like Subang. So there are (I think) a few contenders, but no matter.

LYDIA KWAN WAI CHING! This is what we must eat!

1. Nestum Mantis Shrimp

2. Fried Glass Noodles/ Fried Bihun with tiny clams. Like the one we had in Teluk Gong!

3. Bamboo Lala! Lots of it! Hell, I'm going to tapau too. Heeeeee

4. Crab DUH! At least 2 types! Salted Egg Yolk and..hmmm.. Black Pepper? Sweet & Spicy? not overly fussed really :p

5. Butter Prawns! The ones with little crunchy shreds of erm.. is it fried butter? egg? No idea, but damn good :D

6. Steamed Fish. Garoupa or anything, I don't care as long as it's STEAMED! Fish in Australia is not my taste :(:( It's all grilled or fried. I miss a simple Chinese-style steamed pomfret with soy sauce.

7. If we go for vege, I vote for Kailan! I especially like the version of Kailan some restaurants serve with the leaves shredded and deep fried, so they're super crunchy and oily. Sounds dodgy but ooooohhhh yes.