On A Cold Blustering Windy Night..

It is a freakishly noisy night in quiet little Magill.

Winds are a'blusterin' and a'blowin'
The neighbour's zinc roof is being tossed around
Blinds in the house are flapping about in a ghostly manner
The sounds of speeding winds rushing through the trees and its hovering branches.

It's at times like this that I'm thankful I don't live on the top floor right underneath the roof. When I'm cooped up in my warm room with a cup of Pu Erh tea, courtesy of Audrey's mom :)

And in another hour or so, I shall brave the icy cold in the passage between the bathroom and my room, passing The Mess that is known as Jay's room. I shall retrieve my long lost stapler because without it, my papers are scattered in a haphazard unreadable manner. I shall then have my papers stapled and scattered in a haphazard readable manner. Then and only then, will I reward myself with a long water-restriction-breaking shower.

Ahhh. The glory of a hot hot shower on a freakishly noisy, blustery, windy night in quiet little Magill.