Im Addicted to Olay Game

Oh My God.

New distraction galore :D

Assignments piling up, Sydney trip to research and plan, and presents to buy and post.

And here I sit staring at the laptop screen scrabbling for a high score.

Olay is having this contest right now where you play 6 mini-games in 'Paris' and collect points. The person with the highest score every week/month wins prizes! To be honest, I find that I play the game for the fun of the game itself rather than for the prizes. It's that fun :D

My favourite-est game :)

This is my favourite game, the crossword puzzle! It's located in the 'restaurant' in Paris (the whole game is set in Paris). You just have to look for the hidden words and collect the vitamins (see the vitamin on the waiter's tray?) The more vitamins you collect, the fairer you'll be (ahahha see the fairness bar below), and the higher your score will be.

Supermarket pickings

This is the one in the supermarket, it's super easy to play. Actually all the games are pretty easy to play, maybe that's why it's so addictive. I keep on thinking "it's so easy, I can get higher score!" *Monica mode* You click on the items on the supermarket sheves according to what the little cloud pops up. The only complaint I have about this game is that out of the few hundred times I've played it, the vitamins don't show up at all! :( So even if I have a score of 1000, my vitamin score is only like 300++ which gives me a combined score of 1300 only :( I can usually score at least 1600 at this one okaaayyyy.

They also have other games, especially if you like games like bejewelled. The other games like the 'Metro' & 'Public Park' (which I suck at btw) are a bit boring, but the 'Shopping Mall' one is quite okay la. I cheat at that one a bit, if I get short words like 'Bright', I start a new game again cause I don't want to waste my time for short words hehehehe.

Dress up!

That's my avatar thing! You get to select the face and hair when you register. As you go around Paris you click on the Parisians and they will give you tips on how to look pretty and fair. These tips are sometimes quite funny, like wear short skirt with heels if you want to look tall but wear something underneath to protect yourself ahahahawtf. Sometimes they are also very true like make sure you have nice brows! Okay la, they don't exactly say that, but that's the gist of it.

Once in a while they will give you items like a skirt, or pair of shoes too! Then you can dress up your avatar and change clothes :D Before this my character was dressed like Snow White. REALLYYYY!

These are the prizes, I don't really care for an iPhone, but if I'm lucky enough to win that (which I doubt) I'd just sell it off ahahaha. I'd much rather have the camera though ;D Poor Daddy broke the battery lid off my old camera so he can't use that one. If I win this one he can have it, I love my Ixus just fine :)

There's also a voucher on the website if you want to buy their fairness product. It's got all this vitamin stuff in it, and everytime I click on the Parisians, they tell me stuff like you can put tomatoes on your skin cause it's got vitamins and stuff but Olay products will do as well. wtfwtf ahahah tomato mask.

my badass score

MY SCORE MY SCORE. beat that!

I tag:
Lydia cause I think she needs a new distraction away from Edward Cullen
Audrey cause I think she'd like the games.
Linda cause I know she's gonna be damn bored
Carmen & Cindy & Jacqkie cause they have no TV so this will save them from boredom :D

*edit* My high score just went up HOHOHOHOHO


Jacqkie Rowena said...

omg I love dressup. daren always tease me say it's not a real game. damn bad :(

Yuenny said...

play this one! damn fuuuuunnn