Merdeka - Freedom in Name only?

Video of the group of Muslims in a march protesting against the relocation of a Hindu temple to their area in Shah Alam.

Marching with a severed cow's head is beyond stupid. It's degrading, it's insulting, and just plain painful to watch this kind of thing happen when you just want to be idealistic that yes, change can happen; people can get along.

Mahai, someone should go throw pork at them. See how they like it. It's people like this that should be in detention under the ISA. Inciting racial tension and whatnot. Come on gov, here's a case that half the country would support you throwing them and locking them up with no trial.

It's the 31st of August today. Merdeka.

Freedom from colonialization.

Still waiting for freedom from prejudice. Only then will I not scoff at the idea of 1Malaysia.