Spring Flicks

Movies to watch for in Spring 2009.

The Soloist.

Released in the earlier part of the year in the States, but movies take their time coming Down Under.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a Lopez, a journalist who stumbles upon, and strikes a friendship with Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, a classical music prodigy who plays a 2-stringed violin on the streets. It's
an emotionally soaring drama about the redemptive power of music and lost dreams'. After watching the trailer in the cinema, I went home and downloaded the soundtrack. I am super amazed that I actually remembered the title of this song. *Sigh* Years of music lessons didn't go completely to waste I suppose.

In case you were as impressed with the soundtrack as I was, the song being played out throughout the later part of the trailer is Bach's Cello Suite No.1

Makes me want to play the cello with a concentrated look too :p

The September Issue

'Fashion is a religion. This is the bible'

This is an amazing documentary about what goes into The September Issue of Vogue. Anybody who cares about Vogue knows that its September Issue is legendary in size and content. This documentary offers an insider view on the inner workings and fashion politics that go into hundreds of glossy pages.

The girls and I went to see this on the recommendation of our Comm & Org lecturer who thought we would find the power playing and influence of Anna Wintour interesting. No doubt it was an intimate look at the editor-in-chief of America's Vogue magazine and her team of fashionistas (Andre was a very minor character but so divo la - his collection of LV branded bags and racket cover amazed me for a while). Lots of behind the scenes as issue close day rolls around, and I think another main character in the documentary was Vogue's stylist, Grace. It's amazing to think of the contrast between Anna Wintour and her more creative free spirited Creative Director. I particularly loved how Grace called the Photoshop-ing people to cancel the retouching on the bulging tummy of a male "model" in one of their shots, even though it was Anna Wintour that called the shot. Heehee.

This is probably something a lot of guys wouldn't be caught dead going to, unless they're intimately interested high fashion and luxury brands. Or maybe if they liked Devil Wears Prada.

But fashionista freaks like Lydia should definitely definitely watch it. :)


Jacqkie Rowena said...

Doesn't it make you feel better to see people like Grace THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Vogue IS like that? Fashion is not just skinny, evil and stilletos after all kan.

Yuenny said...

High Five to that! She's my kind of fashionista la, all embracing of 'normal' people :)

Lydia said...

It's terribly heartbreaking hear the roaring sounds of silence in Malaysia.

"The September issue? September issue of what?"

Why won't they show it here? :(

Yuenny said...

I think cause it's more of an indie documentary.. maybe if MV has some exhibition or something, like their japanese films festivals etc. otherwise... download la.. :P