15Malaysia is a collection of 15 short film stories by Malaysian storytellers. Here are some of my favorites

Potong Saga

Hilarious tale of a Budak Cina trying to qualify for an Islamic Bank account. Question: Can non-Muslims apply ah??


This one is my absolute favorite. It features Khairy J. (of UMNO Youth yes that one.) as a taxi driver going on about his grassroots opinion. Watch out for special cameos from Jason Lo, Matthew George (Taylors alum!) and this hilarious dude Baki Zainal. Oh and Amber Chia too.


A Yasmin Ahmad directed film, it rings strongly of Sepet, what with a budak cina and Sharifah Amani. Pity this was only a 5 minute film with no real ending at all, it made me want to watch more of the story. If anything, this reminded me to hunt for a copy of Muallaf and Talentime. haih.

The Tree

This documentary takes on a slightly different spin from the other movies by featuring Spiritual Leader of PAS, Nik Aziz, as he talks about the Islamic ways of doing business. A slightly more serious and spiritual sort of documentary.

Two more days to go, two more videos to be released by 15Malaysia. Videos are free for download, and it's certainly worth a visit to the website to check out the other videos.