Cleaning & Sorting out 2009

Lugged back some 50++ kg of stuff from Adelaide. Keeping in mind I was only in Adelaide for 1 year, and I arrived with 30 kg, that means I collected 20++ kg of junk and clothes and stuff in general in one year. Plus the things that are packed up in Unit 11, that makes me one heck of a hoarder.

My cupboard in my room back in KL is a 3 door slider, and two of them are all my stuff, since my sister lives in Singapore and doesn't need that much space in our room. However, slowly but surely, I've begun a takeover of the third door for my new Adelaide stuff. I'm going through and sorting through my stuff + clothes to find space for my new found belongings. Now that I think about it, I think my room in Adelaide was a wee bit bigger, and reflected a lot more about me than my KL room does. Odd.

Interesting cupboard statistics:

30 tank tops (ribbed, jersey, printed, etc)
5 Baby Milo shirts/ BAPE - I went through a monkey phase at one point in college.
10 Sec school club/house/camp t-shirts - + 1 left in Adelaide
5 College event shirts
8 pairs of leggings
6 Starbucks shirts
4 Kimono tops
10 pairs of jeans
15 coats/jackets/sweaters wtfwtf

How. How did I compile so much stuff for lil 'ol me.