My Farewell to Adelaide

My final 12++ hours in Adelaide is turning out a lot sadder and chill-out-er than I expected. I guess after a few weeks of intense fun and activity, we've been running low on blinking red batteries. With the end of the semester came the beginning of Victor Harbor, biking, Two Stroke Johnny, and so much more. But all this would not have been the bright spots in my final days here if not for the company, thanks to the Adelaide boys and girls.

I don't think I've ever become so attached to a large group of friends in so short a time, so even more reason for me to dedicate a proper farewell to each of them. I'M SORRY GUYS I CAN'T DO IT IN PERSON, I MIGHT CRY WAN!


Audrey 'Odori' Chan
My first girl-friend here in Adelaide, thank God for a girl to keep me sane among the boys when we first arrived :) We've had a fantastic run, discovering the likes of Two Stroke Johnny, cupcake shops, and meeting 'interesting characters' in classes like Intro to International Relations. God, that was an exciting class.

I hope I've been as much fun to hang out with as you have been with me, and I wish you all the best in Singapore! I really will come down to visit you, tau! My 3rd home hahaha. And yes, confirm we go Klang makan Bak Kut Teh and seafood! Must jaga us when we're in your territory k.

Jacqkie 'Headhunter' RJJ
Muka Stim Beb. hahaha, my dearest Jacqkie, I'm so glad that we got the opportunity to RE-get to know each other. It's a bit sad to think that we've been in the same classes for years, but only got to really get to know each other only now, but oh well, there's years more to come :)

You've been great to hang out with, and I'm honored to be able to call someone so happy and wise my friend. Hope you'll have an awesome-possum holiday in Gold Coast with your family and will see you back in KL! I wish you all the best in whatever you aim to do, because I know you'll achieve it with flying colors!

Carmen 'Ah Hiam' Chiam
Oy Vey Armen! Thank you for bothering to get past my Yong Sui face and getting to know my cute cute self :p You and the rest la, I owe you guys a big Thank You and *huuuuug* for that. I never even realised my 'scary face' puts people off :( Will be SWEEETER. or try to la.

I know you and Cindy are peasinapod, but I think I 'kao pan' to call you my good friend la. Thanks for temaning me when I emo, and talking me through. Out of everybody, I think you're one of the more reserved ones la, so I really appreciate your input. Will miss you much, but aiya, you'll be in good hands. You and everybody else's efforts in teaching me to hug has paid off. I promise you'll get a huge lung-crushing hug when I see you again in March! Whatever your plans are for the future, I hope we'll keep in touch, because I wanna be a part of your future also :)

Cindy 'Qubic' Liew
Because where there's Carmen, there's Cindy, and vice versa haha. You two peasinapod inspire me to keep my friends around me closer because it's just so sweet to see you guys talk about growing old together and stroll down the beach eating ice cream. Hahaha.

I may not have always said it, but deep down, I do appreciate your straight-forwardness :) And yes, it's a sign of true friends la, happy sieh? and yes, I will TRRYYYY to be sweeter and not so 'aboche, apada abada pctpctpct'. You see, I learn from you :*


As I said earlier, I'm happy we got to really know each other despite terrible first impressions. I'm going to hunt you down on a near-daily basis to go yumcha okay! Or maybe I just stand at my balcony then I wave wave at you la. Out of everybody, I think I enjoy being lame with you the most, hehehe. Here's to many more years of analytical insights!

Mas '-turaaaahhhh' Ismail
CottonCandy oh CottonCandy yang tumbang dalam laut HEHEHEHE. You know la I sanagat sayang and manja you, jangan pout ya. I count it as a blessing that you and Rubee moved in to Lorne Ave, out of all places :) I wish you all the happiness in the world, even though you probably won't need so much considering you're already a ray of sunshine :)

You still have one more sem to go, but when you're done we pergi celebrate kat Jakarta ya! Must invite properly tau, extend proper invitation, jemput kat airport dengan limo and driver ke :p One more sem kat Adelaide, jangan bagi orange buli you okay. Kalau ada orang kacau you, tell me, I go Mike Tyson them.

Rubee x 3
Rubz, you're the oldest, but you're so not lo. hahahah! in a good way la! I suka suka the way you laugh (and suddenly stop and look all shifty-eyed) to the way I LET YOU BULLY ME. You're another blessing in life la, right down to your geli geli ears :) One of the thing's I'll miss most about Lorne is standing below your window and going "Rubeeeee... nak Korean noodle...Rubeeeee..hungry la... RUBEEEEEEE *whinewhine*" <3


Jeff 'Daddy Jifai Mr. Reliable' Goh
Like I said in my card, even though we tease and rib you a lot of the time, you're one of the most good-natured guys I have had the honor of knowing. Mr. Reliable is truly a title you deserve, and I owe you more than a few ones for all the things you've done for me, whether you may have realised it or not. Again, sorry for being quite the bitch to you, but I'll always try to make it up to you by sayang-ing you okay.

You've been a wonderful blessing that brought about more blessings to all our lives, and I know you'll continue to do the same for many other people in the future, wherever you may be :)

Justin 'Mr. Hyper' Khoo
Oiseh, my Lo Kong that introduced me to Magic Pen (still at level 25). What can I say la, I'm a sucker for guys that will cook for me and feed me and massage me :p Sorry la if I scared you earlier on in the year, but I AM REALLY ACTUALLY QUITE SHY WAN OKAY :( I'm not being action or sombong, you didn't remember my name kan, and you didn't talk to me directly so OF COURSE I shy la.

I hope you'll enjoy your Xmas present, and that it'll remind you of me every night as you GROW into whatever plan you decide is for you. You've certainly left footprints in my life :) Thank you for everything!

Sam 'Mr. Waffles' Lee
Lee Kei, you complete the gang la with your chinaman snaking skills. KIDDING! You add a dynamic to the group of boys that I think would be hard to replicate by anyone else. I will miss most your sense of humor (and waffles) and good nature. as with everybody else, i wish you all the best, study hard ya! but with that, can play hard also.

Ah Mai 'Siu Mai'
Ah Mai, even though you always like to make me cry, i will forgive you even though I still maintain you all only talk to Audrey earlier in the year wan. If you boys were a boyband, you'd be the baby boy cutey one. Like Nick Carter, Mark Feehily or er.. Lance Bass. Just, not gay. With your abundance of fart power, you're the anti-superhero of the group hehehe. You're among the sweetest guys I know, and I'm uber glad to have gotten to know you :)

Here's to Adelaide 2009. And many more to come.

Wah, cannot. Must maintain.


Jacqkie Rowena said...

Good girl don't go bad in Malaysia okay. I miss you already. I love you. Take care. I cari you, we find seafood when I'm back KL okay. Thank you for the personal goodbyes :) Really, really appreciate it.

I expect a hug when I see you next :)


J-KhOO said...

Damn rindu. We damn excite come home to play tennis. But cannot hit ball. All damn emo. After 20 mins we packed up and sleep.

Yuenny said...

damn rindu :( cindy and i emo on the plane, reminiscing all. you should see the video haha