Color Me Corby

Thinking back to the previous year, 2009 in Adelaide was one of the most colorful years of my life.

How could it not, when there are brightly colored yellow lemons and mandarin oranges dotting the crazy vivid green of trees in Spring everywhere you go?

And when the sun shines so bright, we have to wear sunglasses that set the autumn leaves on fire

And er.. a very colorful housemate.

And crazy people that add different hues to my everyday life :)

Thanks to the ever resourceful internet, I got some free color filters as a sample from some printing company :D

I think out of all the Corby colors, people would expect Pink to be my favorite. I say this because look what I got for my 21st birthday -___-" :D

Bubblepuff. I left it in Adelaide btw.

But that shade of pink is not quite my deal. Instead, I find the bright happy yellow more attractive. I was going through my pics and Carmen's Birthday was the one that had most happy Yellow memories :)

Polaroid Memories

Her Birthday card

omg even yellow food. damn jelak okay this pasta.

And if it wasn't yellow food, it was orange food. Another Corby color. Haha.

tandoori thing.

And the best thing was, Mas and I both happened to wear yellow. Banana twins for the day!

The Datin, my twin :D

Mas and I in Yellow; Rachel in Orange

She kept losing at our '1,2, som' game. As a result I kept "jentik-ing" her on her forehead heee.

Us with the Birthday Girl

How could you not, even the sky is a brilliant crazy Orange :)