My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

My Dream for the Year of the Tiger:

If I can take part in the Tiger Run happening this Saturday, and WIN RM 8888 (damn cina right), I would splash it all on :


What the shots look like

I waaaaant :(

And then I'd like to upgrade my camera to one that can take HD videos *,_,* wtf look, new smiley.
Canon 50D

And a Sigma 18-200 lens so I wouldn't have to lug around so many lenses anymore. And I can get rid of my old kit lens.

Sigma 18-200mm

Blackbird = RM435 (from The Click Shop)
Canon 50D = RM 4000 (acc. to Photog Msia forum)
Sigma lens = RM 1500 (acc. to forums)

= RM 4935!!
= Still got Rm 3953 left!

Imma buy a pupppppyyyyyy :D to teman Luke la. It'll annoy the hell out of him heeeeee.

Oh Haiz is u

Puppy giving the 'Hao' (miang) look

Imma name the puppy 'Ong' wtfwtf. Ong Chan.


Lynnylchan said...

Puppeh! Um more dog poop in the future, that's for sure.
18-200mm lens... why don't they just make that the default on all cameras and charge more? I know I'd rather pay more for a lens that can do such a wide range, rather than lug many lenses around.

Yuenny said...

because wide range lens got its pros and cons also la, the bokeh (blurring of background) etc not as nice, price also ex maaa

AJ said...

update update! :D