October 2010

What I've been up to:

Went shopping with Michelle and other people. Check out her hot hot dress which she didn't buy.

Shopped with Pinky. Why you cho cute pinksy.

Stalked Nikilesh who is now a bigshot boss.

Went to a party as a pussycat doll. Then made Jestina dress up in it too.

Ash dragged me out post-breakup to Rosevelt's gig at Laila's.

Ate frigging extreme cheesy pizza at Pizza Hut. 6 kinds of cheese. Read 6.

6 kindsa cheese on 1 pizza. With Pepperoni toppings!

Cheeeeeezus. Think the promo is still ongoing, you can try it out if you want. Pretty good value for money la.

That's Oct.

Looking forward to the rest of Nov and Dec and 2010. Good riddance!


Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

hot dress which she didn't buy T_T awww we shall have many more window shopping trips! *hearts and unicorns*