Read in Reverse

What is my dream?

I want my pitstops back. I want to take time out and sit at bus stops. It's alright if I miss a few buses here and there right?

I want to go back and enjoy that crazy spicy Szechuan Chilli fish. SM tendencies to hell with it, it's the most awesome chilli dish ever.

I want to pick up my camera again.

This was my year in reverse. Random shots from my BB

Got caught up in some local music thanks to Ash & Nic D

Hennessy. Erm. Party la.

Drew a kuda satu tanduk. My skillz be improving with each unicorn.

Fell in love with something completely hideous.

The Adelaide gang reunion.

Curled my hair. Doesn't look like this now. Dyed it with Liese Bubble color too

My birthday cake. :(

I miss you.

Duffy. Duffy is a flour ball. He is now a rock hard lethal weapon.

Yam tea with bubble things from Melbourne Ten Ren. Miss you, Francine!

Cooked some awesome kickass mussels when we went back to Adelaide for graduation.

Miss this gang too.

New steps, new people

Adelaide's bus stop. Sometimes I stop and wish I was back here, just getting of the 169 and heading to the post office to collect parcels and send off mail :(

When I first started working

When Ah Mai 'Pancakes' came back with Justin

Yong Tau Foo. I count my blessings for my colleagues :)

Just a spiteful photo to show that Karen Mayer stole my smiley.