TM Everyone Connects. Even me :)

Attended the TM Everyone Connects event at The Curve over the weekend! Sial banyak events lately, but this was pretty entertaining in its own way. It was pretty much a happening Birthday Bash to celebrate Everyone Connects's 1st birthday

Plenty of new stuff to check out at the new site which is a whole new portal with all kinds of avatars. Kinda like Sims. Or 2nd life. I think. This whole campaign & event is about TM connecting people together, and connected people who collaborate make all kinds of impossibles possible.

The portal has all kinds of features in the website, which was reflected at the event itself. They had mock ups of the Open House, Sini Ma, Jamming Garage, EC Hall of Fame, and The Stadium. Damn cute la actually, it was like being in a dollhouse.

They also had this launch thing in the centre court with loadsa Orange & White balloons (TM Colors btw). I thought these were just ordinary balloons, but they had secret thingies inside.

NicGan said this is some popular Gamer chick. Erm. Called Summer Ash. All I know is that she has nice hair.

BUNKFACE. Awesome seeing them again after Shout Awards :D Remember Bunkface's 'Through My Window' campaign last year? Song still stuck in my head occasionally.

Balloons with secret thingies falling down. Everybody rushed for it because the balloons contained little pieces of paper with all kinds of prizes written on it - from T Shirts to CD Holders to the coveted Blackberry!

I didn't win anything btw :( People stuffed little pieces of paper into my hand but I changed my mind when I saw the long ass line of people waiting to redeem haha. But altogether it was a pretty nice way of ensuring the masses participated and got rewarded in little ways :)