Everyone Connects - Parties Galore

I was with some of the late-night colleagues the other night, the usual late-stayers. The roxsta, the kinkypinkperv, the wau, the fresh, and the crazy designer. Actually the Pinkperv is not always a late stayer, but that's what happens when you have to wait for me to go eat dinner >.< :D Sorry babe, I belanja-ed teh ais limau kan.

We got around to talking about our #5things we could change/acquire that would make us even happier than we already currently are. Some random answers that came out that night:

-A giant prank wtf.
-A recording album
-Playing football for a career.

The last one especially caught my attention, it was Ah Yau's dream. No big shocker there because he's almost always wearing a football jersey of
some kind (MU fan). The roxsta immediately shot back that he could still make it, but ah well, the Malaysian football scene is kinda potong steam. That and the fact that he's slightly past his prime in football-playing years (apparently they start off at 16 and peak in early 20s :S worse than models man) :(

'Tis both disheartening and heartwarming at the same time to have such passion for something, yet feeling like you're so far away from achieving your full potential. At the very least he still has this BURNING FIRE for football (I know this because of the Rooney question incident I asked long ago T_T Ah Yau, first time I hear you swear okay, scared me! ).

Should drag him out to the Battle of the Champions LIVE Viewing: MU vs. Chelsea, by Everyone Connects. It's a series of live viewing parties at various locations (list here) Woooo Pelita! It's at 10pm - 2am this coming Sunday (19th Dec), and can enjoy mamak food at mamak prices, easy on the wallet during festive season all :D *edit - ignore venue below*

Too bad he's not my secret santee, I would have brought him to go enjoy a MU match in full glory and comfort or something. Just an excuse to drink and chill and watch his fav match :) But come to think of it, it's the festive season, the SEASON OF GIVING. who needs a reason to give? :) It's just a matter of what to give *narrows eyes*

Hmm. Footie fan. Super difficult la, but as I was thinking of Everyone Connects (which I blogged about previously) I remembered The Stadium from Everyone Connects website hehehe. Did you know exclusive TM Man U stuff and other cool prizes when you sign up for TM's products or services? Anybody want to get unifi? :P I checked out their FB page too, lots of various prizes too, like movie giveaways, including Rapunzel (made me think of Audrey).

Aihhh Xmas. Here we come :)


pinky tham said...

MUUUUUUUUUU goooooalll can we go shopping now hehehhehe