Verbal Blagh

This is not the end of everything.

There is a cut off point to everything.

There is life after this.

There are times to take a deep breath and seize control, and there are times to just curl up in a quiet little corner and let go of every single pent up drop of frustration and insanity and emote with a capital 'E'.

Think I need a holiday. Right about here I would post a picture to cryptically sum it all up, but I don't have a picture anyway.

The picture would have a beach. There would be a line drawn in the beach. There would be a pair of legs straddling that line. You wouldn't see the full face of said person straddling the line, but by the frown in the line of the mouth, you can tell she's overstepping her boundaries. Geddit?

Said straddler would also be wearing a t shirt with a bunny on it. Just for kicks.

And holding a pair of hi-top Chucks. Cause you don't wear shoes on the beach. Even if you did they would be slippers or Chucks. Not heels.

Next picture cue would be a totally trashed piece of shit technology with elvish written all over it. Said piece of shit technology would be sitting on a broken red table.

Yeah, a holiday sounds about right.