Tracing The Song of My Youth

My all time favorite chick flick is She's All That, one of Freddie Prinz's earlier movies. It's even got a cameo by Sarah Michelle Gellar (who later became his wife, awww!) back in the hype of her Buffy days. It was from this movie that led me to this song, 'Kiss Me' sung by Sixpence None The Richer.

Fucking love this song. From the lyrics to the lilt to the guitar. It was because of this song that I made a half-hearted resolution to learn this song on the guitar. I dug out Daddy's guitar from his younger days, dusted it off and kidnapped it to my room. I learned the first 3 chords soon enough after Adelaide, but it took me a while to get used to the strumming. Mind you, it was all self-taught, with a few pointers from friends and some YouTube tutorials. I even bought a pick because Cindy told me it would help with the strumming (nail problem)

Then life happened, and the guitar kinda stood alone in the corner gathering new dust. Then it went away to Singapore.

Kinda miss it. What's inspiration and motivation without an outlet?


Lynnylchan said...

Sorry I stole the guitar! But you have the piano! Yes I know I am greedy since I already have the bass.