Hi Auds!

During a long day, I take occasional breaks every now and then; to go refill tea, bathroom breaks, PerezHilton, etc. I also make my rounds on the blogosphere and try to visit my favorites every day or so. Sometimes it's the gossip blogs, sometimes it's fashion & crafts blogs, and other times it's friend's blogs.

Tonight while on break, I clicked my way through to Itomaki's Tumblr, and found this:


Miss you Auds! You inspire me to pick up my fat camera again lublub.

I miss Australia too haih.


CikLilyPutih said...

that's cute pose!

ItoMaki said...

Hahaha thanks for checking out my humble little Tumblr.

Fuck that rhymed. HO SNAP.

Miss you Yuenny!

Anati Esa said...

coolm post n pic! :D