Hari Hari Hitam Beri

Pitfalls of the BB craze in the office:

BB Prayer Position during lunch time. Everybody BBs during lunch. Even if you're sitting right next to said person nyahahaha. I kinda miss our Word Mole sessions tho :( Most awesome vocabulary-developing game.

Another pitfall is that all BeriHitams look the same T_T. Quite unoriginal. The only way I can distinguish mine from the rest is by clicking the theme. Mine's a bright hot pink with hearts all over the place nyehehehe.

Just the other day I almost stole somebody else's phone unwittingly. I had placed my BB next to my colleague's and almost rushed off home because they all look exactly the same. Some of them have had their BBs pimped out by Eric Soong, known around the blogosphere as the BB man, but I already had to shell out $$ this month for pimping my car back to its original condition, I don't think I can dole out any more cash to pimp out unnecessary stuff for the rest of the year if I still wanna save up for my new EOS.

I thought of getting a casing of some sort, and tada! DiGi giving out socks - super cute ORIGINAL UNIQUE ones!

I mau pls kthxbai

Dedicated to my hamster:


fresh said...

hamster hearts chuuu :D

CikLilyPutih said...

save money for EOS. great!