Biggest Hennessy Artistry 2010 @Mines

I'm damn happening la nowadays - if it's not work stuff, it's invites to parties & events I would have killed for back in my college days. But I'm slowly catching up on my partying phase (along with Michelle) and enjoying my youth while I can still fit into LBDs.

The month of October looks to be a good month, what with 101010 and all, people having weddings, loadsa good parties are coming our way. One of the biggest, baddest, and rocking parties about to rock is the upcoming HA - the biggest yet so far!

The lineup's full of big names in the party music scene -

Mizz Nina! Yea, sexyy is my name, doosh doosh doosh! I missed her at Arthur's Day, so I hope she'll perform her track at this bash :D

Remember this group from their Puma campaign, Da Mouth - think of them as Asian BEPs la. Super love the girl's hair, maybe can keep in mind for next year's hairdo :D

This HA party is gonna be happening on Oct 23, which is a Saturday so I can party guilt free without worrying of looking like a zombie at work wtf. Eh girls, can sleepover ah? It's at Mines, maybe can book hotel room after ;)

So much catching up to do, so little time. PARTY HEARTY!