Tiger Oktoberfest with Nuffies

During a long work week, stress & tension just builds up as everything piles in, crisis explodes in your face and clients make you want to tear your hair out. Working in an unconventional company however, gives you a lot of unconventional ways to destress.

Like Nerf Gun wars.

We also make a point to go out on non-work events – movies, dim sum brunches, L4D sessions, simple chilling sessions where all Nuffies bond. It’s like my 2nd family *heart*

This is some of us at the MACC Comedy show way back before Pinky went to Australia and came back again. And Michelle still had bangs. And Christy was the intern *waves to Christy*

And Nuffies celebrating Nuffnang’s birthday this year. This photo was taken sometime during the team games. As you can see, Jestina loves her alco. Actually almost all Nuffies love their alco, some more than others.

The past week was particularly long, running around every night scouting for materials for Saturday’s event, so I bugged the rest of the Nuffies to make Friday night a night out to remember. We headed out to the Oktoberfest launch at Souled Out to celebrate the turning of October & some German culture. :p

We got a big lost on the way, and ended up stuck in the jam headed towards Jinjang homaigod. By the time we got to Souled Out, we were already more stressed than to begin with and thirsty as hell. But this giant Oktoberfest barrel perked up our spirits as soon as we stepped foot in the grounds

The media tent was already pretty lively – people digging in to platters of sausages, chips, giant mugs of beer and a live folk band playing away.

We got tickets to buy food with. There was a long line at the food stalls, with all kinds of German food to go down with the beer.

Om Nom Nom Nom.

My 1 Litre Oktoberfest Mug. The promotions are running at various outlets for the Oktoberfest period, you can get yours too! RM50 for the 1litre mug + beer and you get to keep the mug :D

There was free flow beer, you just hand them your Oktoberfest mug to them, tell them which beer you want (Strongbow, Paulaner, Guinness, Tiger, Heineken) and they fill it up for you! It’s good to be Media! The Oktoberfest mug is meant to be for Tiger beer ;)

1 Litre is really quite massive. You can’t compare it here but…


It’s bigger than our heads. I could barely lift mine with one hand.

Love my nights out with my colleagues *heart*

Some people had Oktoberfest hats too, Michelle ‘borrowed’ one from one of the other bloggers. I think she looks totally fetching decked out in Oktoberfest gear :D

Talk about being decked out in Oktoberfest gear ;) There were loads of hot chicks going around in cute pigtails. Too bad the guys didn’t join us till later nyehehehe.

Linda + Sara trying out Strongbow + Paulaner

Some of the other colleagues + SOs who came to chill after work as well!

After Effects plskTQ

Amma Goon got into the spirit of things as well.

Pretty soon the whole jingbang came along to enjoy the Oktoberfest food + drinks + music

There were lots of games + performances constantly going on, and they played it out on these projection screens in the corner. Good so that everyone else in the tent can see what’s going on outside because a lot of us had already parked our butts in the seats drinking away.

One of the things I remember clearly was the band playing ‘the chicken song’ and the DJ teaching people how to do some dance. Something about ‘left, now right, now up and down, now front, and back’ a series of movements. Jacqkie and I started moving halfway before realizing that one else was doing the dance T_T. So we went back to drinking.

Huai Bin came as VIP instead of Media nyehehe.

It was the first time I drank Paulaner (the above is Jacqkie’s mug btw), and it was a hot favorite with a lot at the table. Kinda light and wheat-y :D I love my Strongbow but Paulaner would be a nice change every now and then.

Jacqkie got herself a temporary art of Oktoberfest too :D It was super cool, lots of things to keep everybody entertained. If you wanted to play games, there were lots of games going on, like rolling barrels and three-legged races with mugs of beer. If you wanted to dig in to German food, there was a constant stream of chefs doling out sausages of all kinds and pretzels (awesome with that cheese dip). If you wanted to just chill out and drink (which was what we did mostly)there were plenty of seats to go around with lively music J

All in all, it was a great night out. Perfect company, perfect environment and awesome drinks to keep everyone on a high. :D There’s more Oktoberfest events coming up, and with Carlos from NN PH coming up, we’ll definitely be hitting them up again. The next one’s in Sid’s TTDI, Oct 7, can go? *big eyes* More promos everywhere, special mugs for each one. Imma collect em all!


See you there wtf.


Jacqkie Rowena said...

*dies from embarrassment from the last picture*

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

Whats wrong with the last picture! We'll be going to Laundry this Friday right!? =D

Bite Bite said...

looks fun :)
i have that mug ~ went to Sid last week :)

Yuenny said...

Jacqkie - dont deny your inner lala

Chelle - feel better babe :( Missed you on Friday

BiteBite - Did you enjoy the Oktoberfests? :D Loads of promos going on for the rest of the month, I actually want the hat...